24/7 Grid

24/7 Grid for Families

As an individual or with the support of your family the first thing anyone should be doing is to assess ‘What's working' and ‘What's not working' in their lives. Without this, how do we know if we need to change stuff?

1. Person Centred Thinking Tools

We recommend you take a look at the some of the free templates available on the internet http://www.helensandersonassociates.co.uk/reading-room/...

The link will take you to a different website

2. Plot you current support

  • The next step is to take a look at where you are now;
  • Have a go using the 247 grid to map a typical week;
  • Notice the areas where your family have the most responsibility.

3. Now ask yourself...

4. Use it to communicate YOUR needs

For families, we recommend signing up for the Standard or Premium Account.