• Early years & school
    Early years and school A 24/7 grid enables families to have a 'Better conversation' with services around them. It encourages Partnership working between schools and families, identifying areas where skills can be transferred into daily life as they are learned.
  • Transition into adulthood
    Transition into adulthood Use a 24/7 grid with families to visually map areas of skills and progress in preparation for adulthood. Mutually identifying areas where more focused support is needed in order to achieve the adult life they want.
  • Personalisation
    Personalisation If you are a service user, family member or commissioner, the 24/7 grid is a great visual tool to instantly see how the support package is being spent. You can map current services and review the support to ensure it is being used in the most effective way.
  • Planning your week
    Planning your week Direct payment OR commissioned service, Use a 24/7 grid to organise your weekly activities and your support. It calculates total hours and cost for each member of staff and is a great visual summary of your week to help you make choices
  • Empowering Unpaid carers
    Empowering Unpaid carers Carers can use a 24/7 grid to portray the levels of support they deliver during a day and night and use colour to indicate where the greatest areas of stress are.
  • Assessment tool
    Assessment tool You can use a 24/7 grid to identify areas where Assistive Technology, Aids and Equipment could be introduced to reduce barriers to independence and relieve areas of stress for unpaid carers.
  • Responsive planning
    Responsive planning 24/7 grids are securely encrypted to enable them to be swiftly shared online with a person's circle of support and the services around them. Delivering services to the same single (and up to date) care plan is essential to ensure we collectively build on the individual's daily successes and achieve their long term outcomes in partnership.

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What are people saying...

I think it is the most practical and sensible way of thinking about support - costs and practicalities. A very powerful and well-designed way of exploring the role of money in helping people have decent lives as citizens.

Dr. Simon Duffy Centre of Welfare Reform

The 24/7 Grid is an invaluable tool for Costed Support planning - it empowers people to take control of their support and offers a simple way for them to manage and account for their direct payments.

Chris Watson, Project Manager Dorset County Council

I love the way you can see someone progressing to becoming more independent and visually it is powerful. I love it!

Anne-Marie Monaghan Empower

At last families have a way to express ourselves!

Clare Everleigh Parent

I enjoyed colouring in the activities I do and showing my friends and key worker what I do all the week. I also have a timetable grid on my wall that shows me that Richard is going to take me swimming.

Service user with Learning disabilities