24/7 Grid

What is it?

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to look at our product. The 24/7 Grid is a simple but effective way to visualise what you do in an average week

It allows you to map your daily activities , identifying areas where you are totally independent, where you are being supported by assistive technology / resources, where you need supervision and where you need a lot of help or need someone to do things for you.

Use colour to highlight levels of independence

By using the different colours you can see where you need the most help. Or use colour to identify different types of activities and ensure you have a good life balance.

See breakdown of cost for your support plan

By activating the costing tools, you can calculate how much your care package will cost. It is essential that a good person centred care and support plan accompanies any grid

Plans are printable

Some families print their grid to show to their social worker, teacher, day service or take it along to their annual review. Having a picture of what your needs are and where you would like the services around you to focus their efforts, makes it easier for you to talk about in a meeting.

Emphasise where a high level of support is needed

Parent carers who have their son/daughter living at home with them use the grid to show where the highest levels of supervision and personal care are. It provides a vivid reflection of the tasks and commitment involved in caring that is often overlooked by services.