24/7 Grid

24/7 Grid for Individuals

The 24/7 Grid is a simple and visual way to design the support around your daily life. You no longer need to wait for a Social Care or Health professional to help you work out the cost of the support you need because you can now do it yourself!

The 24/7 Grid enables you and your circle of support to build a simple picture of your weekly activities and then identify areas where you may need some extra help to achieve your outcomes.

The 24/7 Grid can then be used to work out the costs of this additional support. It can also help you to look at the real cost of the services you receive now and compare this with what you could do if you had this sum as a personal budget.

Managing Your Personal Budget and Support/Staff

The 24/7 Grid has a number of useful and easy to use tools that are designed to make managing your own money or personal budget as simple and as stress free as possible!

As you fill out your weekly planner, it will automatically add up all of the different support types you use and how much each one will cost, so you won't have to.

It also makes managing your payroll much more straightforward by adding up all of the hours that have been worked by your personal assistants over the week. The cost summary page gives an overview of how your budget has been spent that week; how much time you spent on each activity and what this has cost.

Once completed, the 24/7 Grid shows how you will spend your direct payment/personal budget over the year.

Planning Your Week

The 24/7 Grid can also be used as a weekly planner that shows you where and when your activities take place.

By giving each type of support a different colour on the grid you can also see at a glance what the activity is and who will be supporting you.

If you want to manage your own Personal Assistants you can print off the 24/7 Grid and use it instead of a staff rota planner, saving you time and hassle!

For individuals, we recommend starting with a Premium Subscription which should give you everything you need to get started, or ask your local authority if they have vouchers available.

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