24/7 Grid

24/7 Grid for Commissioners

The 24/7 Grid is a creative and visual way of mapping out a person's life and building support around it. It quickly and easily calculates the cost of current or proposed support packages.

The 24/7 Grid is a tool that Health and Social Care professionals can use to manage a person's support needs effectively, by identifying any gaps in their life where funded support could be needed. Personalisation and the increasing drive to ensure that personal budgets offer ‘best value' means that practitioners must become more and more creative in the way they design support plans.

It is a simple yet effective care management tool for understanding how support can be deployed to best effect, providing a clear breakdown of weekly support and associated costs.

Individuals or groups can plan; managing shared support and core hour costs. All models of support can be costed easily without the use of calculators. It also shows net costs for each in a shared setting.

It is a great benchmarking tool to test the value for money being offered by tendered or existing service contracts. The 24/7 Grid allows you to compare % hours that are independent, aided by assistive technology or aided by natural support, with that of current funded support. This information can be used as evidence for reviews.

The 24/7 Grid can be used as an alternative to the points based resource allocation systems (RAS). It links only the real support costs (identified to ensure a person is able to live the life they have chosen) directly to their individual outcomes.

For commissioners, when you sign up for a Corporate licence this will give care management team access to all the grids they need, for more details please contact the support@247grid.com .

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